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Tired of having to squint at your reflection in your bathroom mirror? There’s no substitute for great lighting in your home, especially in your bathroom. This is because you need ample lighting to have the best visibility in your bathroom. So much preparation for the day or evening takes place in the bathroom, so it makes perfect sense for the room to be well-lit. Whether you need good lighting to put on your face in the morning or fix your hair before you step out for the day, adequate lighting is a must to get an accurate image of how you look.

Another reason why a well-lit bathroom is essential is that it promotes safety. Given the damp nature of bathrooms, slips and falls are a reality for many who may fail to see moist areas due to poor lighting. You don’t need to go to great lengths to achieve good lighting in your bathroom – no need to rewire your bathroom’s entire electrical system to turn the lighting up a notch. In fact, there are a number of ways you can improve your bathroom lighting by simply finding the best lighting options for your bathroom and placing them strategically throughout your bathroom. 

The world of bathroom lighting is vast. This is a great thing because it means that there is something for everybody, however, knowing what types of bathroom lights to go with can be a little overwhelming with so many choices. In this blog, we will cover all the different types of bathroom lighting options and the benefits of each of them.

Bathroom Ceiling Light

The lighting on your bathroom ceiling can either be a single light fixture or a series of light fixtures installed on the ceiling of your bathroom. They are usually located at the center of the ceiling and cast a light throughout the room, given general lighting that can be turned on and off by a switch near the bathroom door.

In most bathrooms, the ceiling light is the single source of light in the bathroom. This light needs to be bright enough to illuminate the entire room and is the most traditional form of lighting in bathrooms.

Wall Sconces

Bathroom wall sconces are lights that are mounted beside a bathroom mirror that is located above the bathroom sink. These lights are installed in pairs on the mirror itself or beside the mirror and are fixed strategically so that the lights are not blinding for the person looking into the mirror.

Sconces lights provide supplementary lighting in a way that is not overpowering. Instead, they cast light shadows over the face and provide a level of accuracy to the mirror that cannot be achieved from general lighting. Wall sconces are often placed at head level or slightly higher and are therefore much easier to spot in the bathroom.

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Vanity Lights

These are sometimes confused with sconce lights because they are also installed near the bathroom mirror. And since both types of lights are associated with bathroom mirrors, sometimes people get vanity lights and wall sconces mixed up. Bathroom vanity lights are installed above the bathroom mirror or can be attached to the vanity using stylish screws that add to the décor.

Like ceiling lights, vanity lights play a critical role in bathroom lighting. In some cases, they are the only source of lighting, while other types of bathrooms utilize both ceiling lights and vanity lights. Vanity lights illuminate countertop spaces and sinks and must have the right amount of shading so that they are not blinding. Oftentimes bathroom vanity lights are wired to the same circuit as ceiling lights.

Bathroom Chandelier

Chandeliers are more popular in dining rooms or living rooms as statement pieces, but they are also great lighting options to consider for your bathroom. They give a high-end look and feel to your bathroom and create a dreamy aura. If you plan to install a chandelier in your bathroom, your ceiling must be a minimum of 10 feet high.

This ensures that the chandelier does not hang too low. If your ceiling is high enough and you want to give your bathroom an extravagant touch, consider going for a smaller size chandelier instead of a large one that may overwhelm the room.

Recessed Lights

One of the most popular types of bathroom lighting is recessed lights. They can be installed anywhere in the home and they are suitable for the bathroom. Recessed lights are a series of lights that fit onto the ceiling that work in conjunction with one another. One of the many advantages of recessed lights is that they are space-saving lighting options.

These are great ways to complement ceiling lighting to make your bathroom brighter. Recessed lights are usually installed around the perimeter of the bathroom instead of the center. This way, they can provide even lighting throughout the room.

Pendant Lighting

Pendant lighting is another powerful tool in illuminating your bathroom that works best in tandem with other forms of bathroom lighting. It hangs from the ceiling and drops to about head level or slightly above.

Since pendant lighting hangs low, it needs to be positioned in an area of the bathroom that is out of the way i.e. beside the counter.  The area immediately surrounding the pendant needs to remain clear. This is why this type of lighting only works in bathrooms with ample room.

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Bathroom Mirror Light

A bathroom mirror light makes it look like the mirror is detached from the wall and “floating.” This is because many bathroom mirrors are designed in a way that leaves room for a mirror to be installed behind the mirror.

This light adds a soft warmth and glows to your reflection in the mirror. Sometimes, LED lights are built into the mirror.

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