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Custom Home Trends to Look for 2024

As new and exciting styles emerge in the interior design world, homeowners look to stay current by keeping up to date with the latest trends. You will notice different colours, textures, and accessories used in innovative, fresh, and forward-thinking ways to make the most of your space this year. To help inspire how you can dress your…

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Living Room Open Floor Plan

All About Open Floor Plans

Open floor plans are a common trend taking over interior design trends over the past 3 decades and are here to stay. Many people admire this type of house plan because it makes a room more spacious and gives you more flexibility on how you want to design your space and promotes the idea of communal…

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Amazing Kitchen with Backlit Kitchen Cabinets - Luxury Custom Home Builders Toronto

Tips to Plan A Home Renovation

A successful home renovation begins with planning. Whether you are doing a complete house renovation or renovating a room in need of a makeover, having a clear breakdown of the project will help you clearly define your expectations and budget.

Let’s review some helpful tips for planning a home renovation that will enhance the…

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Home Addition in Progress by Nicks Developments Team

Questions To Ask About Home Additions

You’ve saved wisely, done your research, and waited patiently, and the time to tackle a home addition has finally arrived. Now what? By this point, you should have a clear understanding of your goals, budget, and expectations, but the reality is that you should be able to (or, at least try to) answer the questions outlined in…

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modern custom home

Custom Build Homes vs. Home Renovations

The question of whether to renovate or build new has tormented homeowners since the beginning of time, and we assume you’ve found this article because direction is needed. Answering such a question, of course, depends on a wide range of factors that are unique to you, your family, and your situation. There are a variety of both…

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Custom Home Project by Nicks Developments - Home Remodeling

Guide To Building A Custom Home

There’s nothing more exciting than getting the opportunity to build your home from scratch. Through this process, you get to explore your creativity and design your home just the way you like it. But the custom home building process is not always straightforward. Understanding the major steps you need to take is essential in ensuring that the

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Custom Family Room with Build in Fireplace - Custom Home Builders Toronto

Common 20 Home Renovation Mistakes

Home renovations bring to mind a few varying emotions: excitement, fear, and anxiety. You’re going to invest plenty of time, effort, and money into making your house beautiful, and it’s important that you consider everything necessary to ensure the project goes well. We’ve compiled a list of the 20 most common home renovation mistakes…

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Second Storey Home Additions Guide

Have you ever wondered if you could add a second storey to your existing home? Once you have utilized every usable space in your home, sometimes, the only way to increase your home’s size is by adding a second floor to your house. Although this home renovation might sound complicated and pricey, it can actually be easier…

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Custom Home Development_Ambleside

Cost to Custom Build Home in 2023

Building a new home is an exciting time, letting create the space you have always dreamed of living in. But how much does a custom home cost?  In the Toronto area, the average cost for custom homes in 2023 is between $480 and $650 per square foot.

There are many things to consider when building…

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Home Addition in Progress by Nicks Developments Team

Home Addition Costs 2023

A home addition (based on our own pricing and budgeting in 2023/2024) in Toronto can easily range from $420 000 to $820 000 (taxes included) relying on the:

The proportion of the existing house that is being renovated How much extra square footage is being added?

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