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Build vs Buying a House: Which to Choose?

Deciding whether to build or buy your house is a big decision. The path to homeownership is different for every family. There are different reasons why a person may choose one option over the other. The key to knowing whether to build vs buy is understanding the factors that influence each option and considering your goals and…

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Your Top Guide to Commercial Remodeling

Now is a great time to renovate your commercial property. By changing up the landscape, you can increase functionality, making the space more efficient and productive for you and your staff, and creating a comfortable working environment can foster a more positive work culture, likely improving overall performance. As you dive into the commercial renovation process, you…

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Best Finishes for Your Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen is the most valued part of most homes, especially when it comes to resale value. So if you want to give your kitchen a quick upgrade, you’ll want to consider how the kitchen cabinets will come into play and how much you’ll want to invest in how they look. At Nick’s Developments, our kitchen contracting…

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Amazing Bathroom with Walk in Shower and Freestanding Bathtub - Bathroom Renovations Toronto

7 Excellent Bathroom Lighting Options

Tired of having to squint at your reflection in your bathroom mirror? There’s no substitute for great lighting in your home, especially in your bathroom. This is because you need ample lighting to have the best visibility in your bathroom. So much preparation for the day or evening takes place in the bathroom, so it makes…

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Latest Luxury Custom Home Design Trends

Creating a luxurious living space is about more than just cost. It’s about defining your space that reflects your lifestyle and the things that are important to you. To achieve this, you need to have a plan that includes what renovations may be required and how your decor can enhance the work you have done. Luxury doesn’t have…

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High-Quality Backsplash Materials for Your Kitchen

When it comes to selecting the right kitchen backsplash for your home, the process should be the same as when deciding on bathroom tiles and hardwood floors. It’s an important aspect of the kitchen and should be treated as such. There is a significant selection of backsplash material and design – so how do you know…

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Pros and Cons of a Design-Build Contractor

Anytime you are building a property, there are a number of contractors you should consider as part of your dream team. With so many moving pieces that need to come together cohesively, determining who should be involved in your project is a critical question that countless homeowners find themselves grappling with. When embarking on a construction project,…

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Home Renovation Contractors Etobicoke

All About Green Architecture

One thing that we cannot continue to sweep under the rug is the impact human activity has had and continues to have on climate change. With the growing knowledge and awareness that natural resources are depleting, it’s making more and more sense to people and businesses across all industries that changes need to be made to preserve…

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What is an A-Frame House?

So what is an A-frame? You’ve likely encountered an A-frame home at some point in your lifetime. They are known for their signature A-shaped look. They are aesthetically beautiful, and intriguingly designed and offer some of the most breathtaking views you can get in a home. High ceilings and many windows characterize the A-frame home’s unique place…

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