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NICKS Developments is ready to serve your project and take your vision and turn it into reality. As a premier custom home builder in Toronto we will develop something you are in love with.  Not only will you see a why we are #1 in the industry, we stand by all of our work and ensure that every detail is attended to. A custom home build takes time but trust us it is worth the wait. This is the best way to make something you have always wanted without compromising. We are happy to answer any questions you may have along the way and encourage it.

Custom Home Builder Services Toronto

Best In The Industry Custom Homes

Yes that is right we said it, best in the industry! Don’t believe us? contact us now and see why this is the true case.

We have over 14 years of building experience, won 8 awards and have completed over 50 complete builds. We are always learning better ways to provide the absolute best results for all of our clients. We use the latest technology and make sure we are always up-to-date. Not only will you be working with the best team but the results will truly speak to you as all the materials we use are of the highest quality.

Planning & Executing Your Future Home

At the core we are home builders. We take pride in all of our work and make sure that every part of your project is perfect. We keep you in the loop from the very beginning and make sure you are comfortable with the entire process. We take all the planning and execute at the highest level, leaving out no detail no matter how small it is.

We want to work directly with you as we love meeting new clients. Our homes are of the highest quality and we pride ourselves on being a premier custom home builder in Toronto.  Whether you want modern, contemporary, victorian or anything of that nature, we have the work covered. Our team knows it all and we make sure that we are better than all of our competition.

Custom Home Completion

We want to turn your vision into reality. While the planning stage is great for getting your idea properly on paper, we know that it is not the physical product. That is why we set your expectations and make sure we surpass them every time. Each of our clients have been thrilled with the results and we make sure to only be using the highest quality materials in your custom home build.

As a premier custom home builder in Toronto we can guarantee the best results. No other company in the industry is better than us in processes and completion. We use the best materials, keep you in the loop daily and make sure that your final product is something of a masterpiece. We are truly meticulous to the last piece and make sure nothing goes unnoticed.

Custom Home with Amazing Backyard
Luxury Stone Siding on Custom Home

Custom Home Construction

Our approach to building a custom home is rather simple: create a beautiful home that functionals as well as looks, while abiding by your needs and budget. Our process goes as follows: 

  • Consultation: The consultation process is an important step in the construction of your home. It’s where we answer all those pesky questions you might have about materials, design features, or costs so that when it comes time to make decisions there will be no surprises!
  • Design Development: The design development in the home construction industry is a vital process, which should not be overlooked. The key to success for these projects lies with their planning and attention given early on by architects or planners when designing homes before they are even built. This will ultimately lead them down an efficient path toward completion.
  • Design Planning: The design planning process for home construction is essential because it helps to determine what the final product will look like. It also ensures that all necessary elements, such as plumbing and electrical systems are taken into account during this stage so there aren’t any surprises down the line when you’re least expecting them!
  • Construction: Home construction is an exciting time. You get to make your house whatever you want it, from the floor plan and design, all the way through finishing up with paint or furniture!
  • Completion: After the work is complete, we proudly welcome you to your newly built custom home. We can guarantee it is perfectly crafted for your family to love for the many years ahead.

Luxury Custom Home Builder

Luxury custom home builders create one-of-a-kind, high-end residences that reflect the homeowners’ unique style and preferences. The luxury custom home builders at NICKS Developments have many years of experience in the construction industry and are well-versed in the latest trends and technologies.

The work and time that our custom builders put into constructing a luxury home is incomparable to any other type of builder, going above and beyond to make sure that the home is built to perfection and it meets all of the specifications that you have provided them with. 

Luxury custom home builders work closely with their clients to create a blueprint for the perfect home, paying careful attention to every detail along the way. The result is a home that is both beautiful and functional, built to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. Our team of builders understands that no two homes are alike, and they take pride in creating homes that reflect their clients’ individual styles and personalities.

NICKS Developments offer a level of service that is second to none, ensuring that every client’s vision becomes a reality, whether it’s a sprawling estate or an intimate bungalow. If you are looking for a luxury custom home builder, contact us today. We would be honored to help you create your dream home.


Our response times are the best in the business.

You won’t find a builder that gets back to you faster than we do. We update your build progress daily. You can access your build status at any time. We also use a communication platform to stay connected with you. This platform allows us to share important files and data, and it allows you to provide us feedback and ask questions.

Custom Home Builder FAQ

What is the square foot cost of building a custom home?

According to housing experts, the cost to build a custom home in Canada is approximately $118 to $189 per square foot for a detached home. Our team will work with you to get the most accurate cost estimate for your new home build. We have a large network of suppliers who can get the best price in the industry for materials and finishes.

How are we different from other home builders?

Nick’s Developments is committed to customer satisfaction. Our friendly and helpful team of architectural engineers, designers, project managers, and craftspeople is dedicated to exceeding your expectations. We work closely with you through the entire building project so you always know the status of your home build or renovation. We assist with all the details from getting permits to arranging a final inspection. Our reliable and exception work is what makes Nick’s Developments the first choice for homeowners across Toronto and the GTA.

Do you offer warranties on your custom homes?

At Nick’s Developments, we are not happy unless you are happy. All our work is fully warrantied and guaranteed. Additionally, we ensure you are aware of any warranties associated with appliances or services we have to install during your home build or renovation.

Who will be responsible for building permits?

Arranging permits can be time-consuming and highly technical. That’s why we are happy to handle arranging all building permits and other technical documents required to complete your new home build. We will review any permits with you so you are fully aware of both your and our obligations.

How long does it take to build a home?

Building a new home is an exciting time and we know how anxious you are to move in. Nick’s Developments creates a realistic building schedule with you so you can anticipate your move-in date with confidence. The average home usually takes about 7 months to a year to complete.

Do I need to hire an architect or plan designer first?

Nick’s Developments has a number of in-house architects who can offer their expert advice and design knowledge to help you put together the blueprints and renderings for your new home. If you have a design plan in mind or an architect you are already committed to working with, we are happy to discuss bringing your new home to life.

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