As new and exciting styles emerge in the interior design world, homeowners look to stay current by keeping up to date with the latest trends. You will notice different colours, textures, and accessories used in innovative, fresh, and forward-thinking ways to make the most of your space this year. To help inspire how you can dress your interior space, the designers at Nicks Developments have created  a list of the top custom interior design trends to look for in 2024.

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Dramatic Fireplaces

Trend Alert: Heavily Veined Marble Fireplace Wall

Staying on trend, the heavy veined marble forms a beautiful wavy path along the wall. These sinuous patterns generate a stunning visual effect of heavy veining from the bottom to the top of this fireplace mantle.

When you want to make a dramatic focal point in the living room, cladding a fireplace mantle in natural stone can’t be compared to paint or any other wall paneling. Add it to areas like built in wall niches on each side of the fireplace to truly make it pop!

Sleek and Simple Kitchens

Trend Alert: Black And White Kitchens

Black and white coloured kitchens will always be in style, and for good reason! Classic black and white kitchens, still reign supreme among the top kitchen trends in 2024, The pairing is both versatile and timeless, seamlessly capturing both minimalist and maximalist looks in one space, which is exactly what our client wanted in their custom home build.

The contrast between the black kitchen island and the white accent upper cabinets allows both features to complement one another. The balance between dark and light elements maintains a cohesive look in the kitchen, maintaining a clean and simple design.  

Statement Exterior Doors

Trend Alert: Exterior Wood Veneer Entry Door

In new home trends for 2024, setting up the overall design and ambiance starts with your front door. This year, it’s all about bold impressions. In our latest project,  the exterior wood veneer entry door was crafted to bring the warmth and beauty of real wood to any residence. It is a much more affordable option compared to solid-wood doors. Wood veneer matches any design from traditional to contemporary interiors and with a high gloss finishing touch, there is an added element of luxury.

Wood veneer not only makes your entry door more aesthetically pleasing, but also acts as a kind of shield. As a long-lasting and extremely resistant material, a high gloss finishing can protect your entry door from the effects of sun, wear and tear, impacts, and other unfortunate events.

Dramatic Kitchen Backsplashes

Trend Alert: Marble Slab Backsplashes

Slab backsplashes exude sophistication and elegance in this desirable home décor trend. The seamless appearance lends a high-end feel and aesthetic to your kitchen. A slab surface is luxurious, shows less grout lines, and is less busy than traditional mosaic backsplashes.

Slab backsplashes’ smooth surface makes them easy to clean and maintain. You can choose different slabs or use the same style throughout the backsplash. In this kitchen renovation, we used a varied slab pattern with different veining, but the key is to choose undertones that follow the same color scheme.

Luxury Kitchen Surfaces

Trend Alert: High Gloss Kitchen Cabinets

A white coloured kitchen is timeless, and this home design trend will never go out of style. To achieve a luxury kitchen look, consider high gloss cabinets. It helps create a contemporary-style kitchen because of their modern and sleek appearance. The added sense of luxury helps homeowners achieve a sophisticated kitchen décor style.

The bright white colour from a glossy finish reflects light effectively and can make your kitchen feel expanded. In addition to aesthetic benefits, glossy surfaces have practical advantages as well. The cabinets’ smooth surface makes cleaning easy, and their scratch resistant properties adds to its durability.

Stunning Staircases

Trend Alert: Open Riser Stairs, also known as Floating Staircase

Open riser stairs or otherwise known as the floating staircase, promotes an open concept, creating an illusion of more space. Open riser stairs can act as an accent or add flair to a room, creating a unique layout that inspires a modern, simple look.

Their levitating appearance gives them a light, airy feel that allows them to fit seamlessly and complement almost any home’s interior style. As seen in our recent custom home, natural light floods through the space via the gaps between the steps, creating a more spacious and brighter feel. Remember, details matter! So match the stringer to the floor as well to continue a cohesive and harmonious look throughout your home.

Focusing on Your Master Retreat

Trend Alert: Large balcony in the master bedroom

A private patio extending from your master bedroom provides the perfect opportunity for relaxation and quiet seclusion. Your own outdoor oasis accessible from the master bedroom is a great spot to get lost in a good book or enjoy your morning coffee.

A successful outdoor living space can be achieved by the following three important factors: location, environment, and access. By optimizing these essential facets, you can make the most of your space and even gain your personal secret hideaway. The use of sliding doors brings lots of natural lighting while bridging the outside world and your home into one convenient space.

 Adding Wine Cellar

Trend Alert: Unique Wine Cellars

The wine cellar is a classic interior design trend that is not going anywhere. For our client, we made the wine cellar design with natural elements like bricks and wood that gives a traditional feel to wine cellar origins. For those homeowners seeking a contemporary aesthetic, a modern wine cellar offers a minimalist and fresh approach. Clean lines, glass elements, and a minimalist colour palette define this design concept.

Modern wine cellars prioritize functionality and simplicity, utilizing innovative storage solutions to showcase the collection. With a focus on the wine itself, and emphasizing clean, uncluttered spaces, a modern wine cellar creates a visually striking environment that complements any modern lifestyle.

Glass Railings Aren’t Just for Outdoors

Trend Alert: Glass Railing With Closed Risers

A classic staircase with a modern touch is showcased none better than the glass railing with closed risers. Glass railings continue to be an architectural design trend in 2024, complimenting your home’s interior. The flexibility of versatility, style, and ease of implementation are reasons for the widespread adoption of glass railing systems.

Whether your home has a modern or traditional design, there are various styles available for you to choose from. What’s more is that for those homes with larger families, occupying large traffic areas, this is the best option. You can even add a carpet runner for extra safety while staying on-trend!

Majestic Master Ensuites

Trend Alert: Large Tiled Marble Floor And Walls

A marble bathroom is a timeless design, known for its unique and charming veined texture. The large format tiles on the floor, shower walls and vanity walls you see here give a seamless grand effect to the space. Marble has a natural warmth that delivers a refined element and its distinct appearance, range of features, and simplicity of care make it an exquisite choice for flooring, wall claddings, and vanity tops. 

Bigger format tiles also provide a feel of luxury. Even if marble is not used, choosing tiles that have a marble effect is always a popular interior design trend. It guarantees elegance, and is authentic, and marble elements are sure to give a “chic” touch to any bathroom!


Hotel Inspired Ensuites

Trend Alert: Vessel Sinks

Vessel sinks are gaining more popularity as it provides a hotel-like spa ambiance. Vessel sinks are a stylish conversation piece that’s unbeatable for adding interest and high-end style to the bathroom. Depending on the material used and the faucet selected, vessel sinks can be sleek or substantial, antique or modern.

Vessel sinks have the versatility to be installed partially recessed or mounted above the counter. You can choose light colours for contemporary a hotel-like design and add wall paneling for subtle accents without being too overpowering.

Statement Light Fixtures

Trend Alert: Geometric Chandelier

Homes with high ceilings benefit from feeling more spacious and luxurious. Rooms with high ceilings also have the ability to accommodate beautiful feature lighting, such as a chandelier.

Take advantage of your ceiling’s height by adding a geometrically designed chandelier. Perfect for modern and contemporary homes, add a wow factor with gold accents to make an even bigger impression!

Mosaics on Shower Walls

Trend: Geometric Shower Walls

Secondary and guest bathrooms matter! Make these spaces stand out with geometric shower walls. Geometric wall tiles are one of the latest new home trends in 2024. Geometric shapes are incredibly versatile and can make a statement with dramatic but simple sizes and colours.

You can liven up your space by creating a focal wall in your bathroom. Geometric tiles can even make the room seem bigger than it actually is! Your focal wall should be one with no cutouts or interruptions in the wall. Continue the wall tiles by tiling behind the vanity for cohesive flow.

Incorporating Columns

Trend: Dress Up Those Load Bearing Columns

Load bearing columns are necessary in your home and cannot be removed, so let’s make it match your home’s interior! Find creative ways to dress them up such as decorating your columns, treating the column itself as a work of art, and showcase an ornate pattern or carving.

Another suggestion is to tie in the pattern in a different part of the home, for example, complimenting the tv wall in the adjacent room. Another way to spice up your load bearing columns is with mosaic tile or even wallpaper with an interesting texture. There are plenty of time-saving and cost-efficient investments to make this functional feature pleasing to the eye as well!

Pendant Lights over the Kitchen Island

Trend Alert: Grand Pendant Lights

Large grand pendant lights are a trending interior design feature and have been for some time in the lighting world. Originally for task lighting, now the craze is for bigger statement pieces to enhance your home. Popular in spaces like the kitchen, pendant lighting helps increase functionality by taking up less space while adding design touches.

Grand pendant lights also add to the room’s warmth and style, as the kitchen becomes the primary place for casual gatherings with friends and family. Make sure to hang your pendant lights at the correct height and the right location to offer the best lighting solution in the kitchen. 

Painted Windows

Trend Alert: Black Painted Windows

Black windows can ground any design and colour palette. They lend a timeless elegance to any home that transcends trends and fads. Black windows have a unique ability to look both modern and classic at the same time, making them an ideal choice for any home decor trend. In fact, as more homeowners are looking to add to their interiors without breaking the bank, black windows are just that source of sophistication that has come back into fashion.

They will instantly draw attention while also making your home appear more stylish and put together compared to white or neutral-coloured options. Also, black windows work with virtually any color scheme or decor style imaginable because of their versatility. Whether you prefer a modern looking interior or maybe a vintage design is more your style, black window frames are sure to make a bold statement, while seamlessly blending into the background as a complimentary feature.


Two-Tone Kitchens

Trend Alert: Match Kitchen Island And Base Cabinets

One of the big kitchen trends in 2024 to follow is to match your kitchen island with its base cabinets. This is a classic design scheme that provides contrast to your kitchen in an elegant way. There is a clear focal point in the kitchen island, yet the contrast brings in a cohesive flow.

While you may choose to have your island stand alone with accent colors, you can also choose to add symmetry with complementary colours, textures, and fixtures.

Contemporary Ensuites

Trend Alert:  All White Bathrooms

A contemporary spa is a popular interior design trend in 2024. Notable features such as a big soaker tub, a floating vanity, and a vessel sink make this space feeling like a contemporary bathroom.

Notice marble is everywhere in this bathroom because it is durable, easy to clean and, with its special aesthetics, it makes for the perfect material for discerning design lovers. The subtle touches of black to match tones gives the space a modern touch.

Hosting and Entertaining Rooms

Trend Alert: Dining Rooms are Back!

Dining rooms are trendy again. More families at home are entertaining guests and having formal events. A table and chairs are a staple in every dining room to create that comfortable setting for family and friends to gather and enjoy in each other’s company.

Adding a wall niche during renovation or during a custom home build is a unique way to have dining essentials easily accessible and precious items displayed. Add shelves that match the dining room for a cohesive design flow.

Modern Theatre Room

Trend Alert: Wainscoting TV Wall

A wall mounted television is still a trending interior design feature for contemporary homes as is wainscotting. This design element adds subtle details without contributing too much detail for the TV. By wall-mounting the television, you get a designated area for the TV without needing a TV media stand. You can even add custom built-ins such as an electric fireplace below for that extra luxury touch. The use of wainscoting is a stylish decoration that gives an interior space interesting and original character. In addition, it makes the room cozy and more inviting as an home addition in basement. It is also an effective way to hide wall imperfections, one of wainscotting’s more practical advantages.

Work From Home Set Up

Trend Alert: Custom Home Offices On the Rise

Custom built home offices are amongst the new home trends as hybrid work environments become the new norm. In addition, many residents work on personal projects and/or are operating small businesses out of their home and have a need for this space.

See the inclusion of wainscotting as a subtle touch of detail that does not take attention away from work. By adding an accessible desk chair and choosing a desk with the same finish as the chair legs, you will achieve comprehensive flow to the room.

Organic and Light Kitchens

Trend Alert: Natural Kitchen Elements

A natural kitchen continues to be a sought-after kitchen trend in 2024. Light colours help create bright and larger spaces. The inclusion of wood elements creates a visually appealing atmosphere that is extremely versatile and low maintenance.

Keep the wood elements similar shades for a cohesive flow. Add marble countertops and slab backsplashes to create a contemporary feel in the kitchen.

Amazing Kitchen with Backlit Kitchen Cabinets - Luxury Custom Home Builders Toronto
Modern Family Room with Marble Wall Decor - House Builders Toronto

Grand Living Room

Trend Alert: Living Room with Accent Walls

Accent walls allows you to take better control of your home’s style. You can produce a better and more attractive look such as the one shown here. Accent walls in the living room help accentuate certain areas and highlight elements in your home, add dimension, and define open spaces more effectively.

Choose royal bold blue paint to give the room an elegant feel. Gold wall sconces adds to this sense of to luxury. The focal point in this living room is the large format wall tiles and adding another marble element like the coffee table really ties everything together.

The Skylight Zone

Trend Alert: Add multiple skylights instead of one

With technological advancements, skylights are a trending interior design element in 2024. Skylights bring more natural light into the home, and they can dramatically up the wow factor in any room. But beyond the aesthetic benefits, skylights offer real health benefits, too including elevated mood, increased creativity, lowered blood pressure, and reduced anxiety. What’s more is that skylights can provide ventilation as well as light. We recommend adding some much-needed natural lighting with this energy-efficient design choice.

Minimalistic Kitchen

Trend Alert: Open Shelves In Kitchen

Open shelves in the kitchen are a favourable architectural design trend in 2024 because of its minimalistic approach. Incorporating a floating shelf or two highlights the open concept and can help make your kitchen feel more open and airy. It promotes less cluttering, and you can display pieces that are functional and add to the design. If done right, open shelves can be a beautiful yet commanding focal point in the kitchen. 

Open shelves also can improve your kitchen’s functionality. By utilizing accessible shelving units to store your most-used items on, you eliminate the tediousness of constantly opening and closing cupboards to search for items. Keeping what you need at your fingertips optimizes kitchen workflow and saves precious time. Lastly, installing shelves is an economical and creative way to help you stay on budget.

Bold Foyers

Trend Alert: Checkered Entryway

Geometric patterns are one of the latest new home trends in home flooring. A checkered floor is a retro design making a comeback for new contemporary spaces. As seen in this entryway, it establishes a strong foundation and creates an attractive first impression before entering a room.

This design pattern is a classic, very popular in 15th century Europe and 1950s American diners. Now, it’s making a comeback for 2024 that you don’t want to miss.

Lavish Kitchens

Trend: Black and Gold Luxury Kitchen Designs

A black and gold colour palette applied in the kitchen exudes quality and authority. Black and gold are two of the colour spectrum’s most versatile, luxurious, and timeless hues. When used separately, these colours introduce depth and boldness for larger spaces.

And when these two are paired together, the duo acts as the perfect partner to each other, adding dramatic flair with luxury details and finishes, enhancing the overall look of the home.

Building a Spa Getaway

Trend Alert: Bold Spa Walls

This modern spa consists of a freestanding soaker tub, larger frameless glass showers, and a colour palette of gold shades with different details. By matching the tones of the plumbing fixtures with each other, for instance a gold faucet, gold tub filler, gold hinges, and gold shower fixtures, you’ll create a sense of luxury and sophistication within the room.

You can even add large format tiles for a dramatic appearance, and make sure to hire professional bathroom renovators to ensure installation goes smoothly and all the pieces match together.


Key Takeaways for Interior Design Trends 2024

There are so many different ways to design your interior space. With the right access to colours, materials, and finishes, the possibilities are endless. Whether you use one of our suggested interior design trends of 2024, or you have an idea of your own, contact our talented team of interior designers here at Nicks Developments to get started dressing your space the way you want!

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