What Is Design Build?

Our design-build process means you’re working with the NICKS Developments team from start to finish. We help pair you with an amazing designer, architect, and craftsman or to create a design concept that aligns with your budget. We manage the process of representing the ideas, the finances, and all the multitude of sub-trades and suppliers required for this complex process.

House Addition Services in Toronto

Why Chose a Design Build Process

Building a new house is an exciting process, but it’s not without its challenges. In Toronto, homeowners prefer to design and build projects because they can be more involved in the process. NICKS Developments’ design and build project management team allows for faster and more fluid versions of architectural drawings and designs. Since the entire team is all with one company and they are equally invested in the designs, if you have a question or issue that needs to be addressed,  we are able to quickly pivot and be responsive to ongoing changes. The ability to work with a team who can manage all services involved pre-construction, as well as stay updated on progress throughout construction, saves time and costs compared to the business model of head contractor third-party vendors. 

With a large renovation or new construction project, it is important to have constant communication between engineers, designers, as well as workers on site so that everything runs smoothly. From the start of work until completion, the goal is to operate without any critical errors happening along the way which could cost time and/or money. The design and build concept arose as a more popular option due in part to how NICKS Developments was able to manage everything upfront while saving time during planning steps, cutting down errors made along the way through better coordination among team members. Call us for a more in-depth discussion about how you can start your project today!

Dedicated Design Build Contractors

If you’re looking for a renovation or building project, we have the answers to help get started. We want your home’s design process to be as smooth sailing as possible, so contact one of our representatives today!

We’re a team that listens to our clients and offers them everything they need. We take pride in being able to provide this for every home buyer we work with, no matter how big or small their project may be! If you want an estimate along the process as well please contact one of the representatives now so it can get started on time without any delays

Our team is dedicated to making your home-building experience as smooth, easy, and enjoyable as possible. We want you not only satisfied but excited about the process! 

How Long Is The Design and Build Process?

The team at NICKS Developments is experienced in designing and building unique home renovation projects.

Our process is flexible and tailored specifically for your needs. It can be as quick or long-lasting, depending on what you’re looking for and how we can make it convenient to fit within your availability and schedule!

The design-build process is not one-size-fits-all. It depends on what you want to do with your home and how complex of a project it will be. In general, we allow our customers enough time for planning throughout the entire renovation or construction process from start (design) right up until completion when they receive their final product at hand!

How Much Does Design and Build Cost?

There is no definitive cost or set price for how much a renovation project totals. Every project varies based on your specific needs, timeframe, and budget. To determine how much it will cost, however, first, we provide quotes for the initial design with the floor plan. After understanding the full scope of work, NICKS Developments’ project manager discusses the approximate budget for materials inside and on the outside of the house for finishes.

We communicate with homeowners at every step of the project so they stay in the know and are informed of the prices. We stand by our honest business practices so there will not be any hidden fees or surprises. The only instance of a price increase is if the client requests additional work or increases the initial budget for fixtures and finish details.

Design and Build Company in Toronto

NICKS Developments’ design and build services eliminate the need to constantly communicate between multiple parties from general contractors, to designers, to architects.

Our company will be there every step of the way to work with designers, architects, and dozens of trade teams to oversee the outstanding execution of old home renovations and new build projects in Toronto.

Working with one company is the easier and more efficient way to take care of absolutely everything, saving you valuable time, money, and headache.

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Our response times are the best in the business.

You won’t find a builder that gets back to you faster than we do. We update your build progress daily. You can access your build status at any time. We also use a communication platform to stay connected with you. This platform allows us to share important files and data, and it allows you to provide us feedback and ask questions.

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