Bone structure is one of the most important components in good house construction. Bone structure is a construction system that uses light steel to create single-family, multi unit and light commercial buildings. Bone structure homes allow you to create and build designs faster and with ease to suit your specific architectural needs. It’s perfect for both rural and urban building designs allowing you to have a modern look that will last for many years.

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What is a Bone Structure Home?

NICKS Developments is one of the few construction companies that build bone structure homes in Ontario. These buildings are designed using light-style construction systems combined with industrialized building processes. The pieces of the home are pre-engineered to fit the design and space of your building than are brought to the building site and snapped together to create the base of the structure.

Bone Structure Technology 

Bone structure homes reflect a new era of sustainable design and are designed based on post-and-beam integrated technology. They are energy efficient including being Net Zero Energy Ready and can meet LEED and PassivHaus certifications. The home design is air-tight and easily adaptable to a variety of home design options.

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Tailor Your Home with Bone Structure 

There are no limits to the house structure options when building with steel frame homes. Unlike wooden structure homes, a bone structure home allows you to create a home design that truly reflects your lifestyle. From large commercial spaces to more intimate loft designs, bone structure steel homes are versatile and made for design innovation that you can’t achieve with other home design technology.

Benefits of Bone Structures vs. Wooden Structures

With ever-changing home design guidelines, you want a home that is easily adaptable and leads the way in architectural and structural safety. This is just one of the benefits of bone structure homes. When comparing bone structure homes vs wood structure homes, it’s easy to see the unique design features that not only give your house a one-of-a-kind and modern look but enhance the overall safety and longevity of your home.

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Complete Home Renovation Project Toronto

Utilizing steel immediately creates stability as it does not form drywall tracks or bend as the building ages. It’s also manufactured to stand up to any climate around the world including strong winds and even earthquakes. 

Made from 100% recycled steel, it’s also a sound choice for homeowners who want to do their part to protect the environment. Steel creates less waste than other traditional building methods and provides a higher level of energy savings long term.

The use of steel ensures that the base of your home is stable and will not bend or form drywall cracks. The technology is designed to resist the worst climate conditions globally and provides stability through high winds and earthquakes.

Bone structure building is also environmentally friendly as steel is 100% recyclable, and there is next to no waste during assembly because the material does not require cutting. Bone structure buildings are energy efficient which means fewer emissions and increased energy savings. The strong and durable nature of steel also means that your structure won’t catch fire or experience damage from water or pests.

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Constructing a Bone Structure Home

A bone structure home is designed with deadlines in mind. It’s important to get your residential or commercial building built as soon as possible.

Recent real estate pressures mean people are expected to move between buildings quickly. 

Bone structure homes are designed to be installed quickly and efficiently. The pre-fabrication process eliminates the on-site wait time traditionally associated with wood structure homes.

In fact, your bone structure home can be ready in as little as two months due to a more efficient pre-construction process. Your project manager will be able to give you a precise deadline based on the size and scale of your building project.

Galvanized steel components and laser-cut pieces mean there is no room for error during the building process. Each piece is specifically designed and cut for your building needs. Your design team reviews the bone structure floor plans and brings them to life to create your dream home.

Once the pre-engineered pieces arrive on-site, our team of experts can begin putting them together right away. Because bone structure homes are pre-engineered, you’ll receive a more accurate budget as material costs are more stable and pieces can be made ahead of construction ensuring there are no surprises later on.

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As the founder of the Bone Structure design, Marc A. Bovet says, “Revolutionizing the construction process, one light steel frame at a time. Aerospace-industry precision is applied to every phase of the design and manufacturing process: There are no nails, no debris, and no waste resulting in an aesthetically stunning, efficient, and environmentally friendly space.”

NICKS Developments shares this same goal: creating homes that are easy to build. We want to ensure that homeowners aren’t waiting months or years at a time to experience the joy and security of home ownership.

Bone Structure Homes in Canada

Canadian homes must be built to withstand the harsh elements such as high winds, cold winters, and the risk of severe weather. That’s why Bone Structure homes are growing in popularity among homeowners in Canada. Using integrated measuring systems, a home can be designed to suit your specific location needs whether you are in an urban setting like Downtown Toronto or a rural area like the Bruce Peninsula. Each home is custom-made to suit your specific preferences. 

NICKS Developments is the leading custom home design company in Toronto and across the GTA. Our bone structure steel frame homes allow homeowners to build the home of their dreams. We build custom homes with comfort and customization in mind. Learn how a bone structure can not only create a stunning home but also allow you to integrate sustainability paired with innovative design elements into your home design.  Let us show you how a bone structure home can help you build a truly modern and unique custom home for you and your family. 

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