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A successful home renovation begins with planning. Whether you are doing a complete house renovation or renovating a room in need of a makeover, having a clear breakdown of the project will help you clearly define your expectations and budget.

Let’s review some helpful tips for planning a home renovation that will enhance the look and value of your home.

Know Your End Goal

You have probably looked through home decor magazines and wanted to incorporate the design ideas into your home. This can be done with planning and vision and an understanding of what your end goal is for the space you are renovating. Are you looking to do a complete strip down, building a whole new space or do you just want to make some enhancements to the look and function? Having a clear vision of how you want to use your space will help you build a successful home renovation plan.

Have a Budget

Full house renovations include more than just materials and labour costs. There are also permits, increased costs due to supply chain issues, and unexpected building issues that can affect your overall budget. Factor in an extra 10% to 20% in cost overruns to ensure that you can have the dream home you have always wanted, without having to eliminate the design features that mean the most to you.

Understand the Limits

Taking on a home renovation project may seem easy thanks to DIY shows that make it seem like renovation happens in just a few minutes. House remodeling is a significant undertaking that requires knowledge and understanding of basic construction principles. Do your research and make sure you understand what is involved in your house remodelling.

Find a Good Home Builder

There are some parts of a renovation that you can tackle on your own, for others you need a good home renovations contractor. When you remodel your home, you need someone who understands the complexities of home renovation from design to electrical and plumbing to materials. A good home builder can lead you through the entire renovation process ensuring everything on your checklist meets your standards. How do you know which contractor is right for you?

  • Check references
  • Review previous projects
  • Ask to speak to previous clients
  • Check out their online reviews

This due diligence will ensure you find someone who is not only reputable but will understand your design goals and meet your expectations.

Plan for Outages

Losing services such as water, heat, and plumbing are common during house improvements. These usually occur when updating or replacing certain services. Before you begin your home renovation plan for going days or even weeks without certain services. This may require checking into a hotel for a short time or at the very least, not having access to certain areas of your home. Remember to factor both your children and pets into outage plans. There is nothing worse than being caught without services when a family member or pet needs them.

Create Drawings

Once you have an idea in mind for how you want your interior renovation to look, then a contractor can create design drawings that bring your vision to life. This will also help you decide on any adjustments you would like to make to your initial plan. Most contractors can provide you with 3D renderings of your design ideas.

Obtain Permits

As we mentioned earlier, permits are an important part of completing a home renovation project. Even small renovations can require special permits to complete work. Your contractor can help ensure you have the right permits necessary to keep your plans moving forward. They are obtained from your local city or municipal office and will be required during a home inspection as the building process moves ahead. Failure to obtain a permit could result in your hard work being deemed unsafe and having to start from scratch. So make sure you have all the necessary permits to ensure a safe and successful build.

Our skilled and experienced home renovation experts can help you through the entire process ensuring your project exceeds your expectations. We have been helping homeowners with building stunning luxury custom homes and renovations for nearly 15 years. Our architectural engineers, designers, project managers, and tradesmen have the knowledge and expertise to create exceptional living spaces. We work with you from design to final inspection so you can feel confident that your home renovation remains on track and budget. Contact us today for a design consultation and watch as we make your dream home a reality.

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